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Executive Summary 

The COVID-19 pandemic left a trail of destruction all around the world, and no industry has been able to escape the impact over the last two years. The pandemic has changed the way the pharmaceutical industry works. Pharmaceutical companies adapted to the pandemic by adopting new technologies and better ways of working to come to terms with this new reality.


The outlook for the US pharmaceutical market remains positive, with the COVID vaccination program going strong and the pandemic slowly coming under control. It is estimated that as of August 2021, nearly 350 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the US.


The US pharmaceutical industry continues to be a global leader, and despite the severe impact of the pandemic on the sector, the industry has come back on track, and pharmaceutical spending is expected to increase in the coming years.


Aruvian Research brings you a complete analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the United States. The report covers a brief profile of the global pharmaceutical industry, an analysis of the US pharmaceutical industry, impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry, the US generic drugs industry and the US OTC pharmaceutical industry as well.


The report analyzes the US pharmaceutical industry through three – a SWOT analysis, a PEST analysis and a Porter’s Five Forces Business Strategy analysis. The report looks at strategies for market entry, and the role of the government in the industry.


Major industry players in the industry are analyzed through an analysis of their business segments, a financial analysis and an in-depth SWOT analysis.


Complete with a comprehensive section on the research and development going on in the US pharmaceutical industry, Aruvian’s latest research is a collection of all you need to know about the US Pharmaceutical Industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry In United States

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