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Executive Summary 


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), popularly known as drones, have swiftly transitioned from a military asset to a multi-sector technological marvel, gaining widespread recognition. The global drone industry has experienced rapid expansion and innovation in recent years, driven by advancements in technology and a diverse range of applications across various sectors. Drones are remotely operated aerial vehicles that can be equipped with various sensors and payloads for different purposes. In recent years, the relaxation of government regulations globally has paved the way for an array of applications, ensuring drones remain a dominant topic in the years ahead.


Originally employed for military purposes, drones have today evolved into versatile tools, finding utility in diverse realms like providing remote internet access, capturing aerial imagery, facilitating deliveries, revolutionizing agriculture, and bolstering disaster management efforts. Drones are making significant inroads into domains like cinematography and swift emergency response, demonstrating their adaptability across a wide spectrum of applications.


In 2022, the global commercial drone market surged to a valuation of approximately USD 30 billion. Forecasts further indicate a robust and steady growth trajectory, poised to advance at a noteworthy CAGR of 38.6% from 2023 to 2030, while in 2020, the market size was valued at just USD 22.5 billion.


The report "Navigating the Global Drone Market 2023-2030" by Aruvian Research offers a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the dynamic and evolving drone industry. As the global drone market continues to grow and diversify, this report serves as a crucial guide for businesses, investors, and stakeholders seeking to understand the market landscape and make informed decisions.


Key highlights of the report include:


  • Introduction to the World of Drones: Providing a thorough overview, the report delves into drone definitions, applications, and segmentation. It explores how drones are utilized across diverse industries, from defense and military to enterprise and consumer sectors.


  • Market Overview and Trends: The report presents a historical perspective on market growth, emphasizing emerging trends and technological advancements that are shaping the drone industry's trajectory. It addresses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the market has adapted in response. Data included in the report ranges from 2017 to 2030.


  • Investment Landscape: The report provides comprehensive insights into the investment landscape within the global drone industry. It covers a spectrum of funding avenues, including venture capital and private equity funding, along with an analysis of various government initiatives and funding programs that have significantly impacted the growth and innovation in this dynamic sector. This detailed investment overview offers valuable perspectives for stakeholders seeking to navigate the financial aspects of the drone industry.


  • Technology Landscape: Readers gain valuable insights into the various types and classifications of drones, along with key technological advancements driving innovation. The report also highlights emerging technologies set to revolutionize the industry.


  • SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, and PEST Analysis: Through SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces frameworks, the report provides a strategic evaluation of the industry's internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. This analysis aids in understanding the competitive landscape and market dynamics. The report assesses the political, economic, social, and technological factors impacting the drone industry.


  • Regulatory Landscape: A detailed examination of regulatory timelines, international and regional regulations, and the role of industry regulators provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework governing the drone market.


  • Market Segmentation by End-User Industry: The report categorizes the drone market based on end-user industries, offering a detailed analysis of applications in sectors such as agriculture, defense, energy, logistics, media, mining, public safety, telecom, and transportation.


  • Geographical Market Analysis: Readers gain valuable insights into the market's regional dynamics, including market size, key players, and growth prospects across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.


  • Major Players and Market Forecast: The report profiles leading companies in the drone industry, offering a detailed analysis of their market presence and strategies. Additionally, it provides a forward-looking market forecast, outlining potential growth avenues and emerging technologies. A total of 60 top players worldwide are analyzed in the report.


"Navigating the Global Drone Market 2023-2030" is an essential resource for industry participants, investors, policymakers, and anyone seeking to navigate the global drone market and capitalize on its boundless potential. With its comprehensive analysis and forward-looking insights, this report serves as a valuable tool for making informed decisions in the evolving world of drones.

Navigating the Global Drone Market 2023-2030

  • A. Executive Summary


    B. Introduction to the World of Drones

    B.1 Drones: Definition and Uses

    B.2 Market Segmentation & Drone Applications

    B.2.1 Defense and Military

    B.2.2 Enterprise/Consumer

    B.3 Impact of COVID-19 on Global Drone Industry


    C. Global Drone Industry: Market Overview

    C.1. Historical Market Growth and Trends

    C.2 Global Drone Industry – Market Size

    C.3. Global Drone Industry - Market Drivers & Opportunities

    C.4. Global Drone Industry - Market Challenges

    C.5 Global Drone Industry – Investment in the Market

    C.5.1 Investment Overview

    C.5.2 Venture Capital and Private Equity Funding

    C.5.3 Government Initiatives and Funding Programs

    C.6 Global Drone Industry - Market Share Analysis


    D. Technology Landscape

    D.1. Drone Types and Classifications

    D.2. Key Technological Advancements

    D.3. Emerging Technologies in the Drone Industry


    E. Global Drone Industry – SWOT Framework Analysis


    F. Global Drone Industry – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis


    G. Global Drone Industry – PEST Framework Analysis


    H. Global Drone Industry - Regulatory Landscape

    H.1 Establishing a Regulatory Timeline

    H.2 Evolution of Drone Regulations – Analysis of Three Phases

    H.2. International Regulations and Standards

    H.3 National and Regional Drone Regulations

    H.4 Who are the Industry Regulators?

    H.5 Regulatory Sandboxes

    H.6 Regulations for Drone Pilots


    I. Global Drone Industry - Market Trends and Innovations

    I.1. Industry Consolidation and Mergers

    I.2. Innovations in Drone Design and Manufacturing

    I.3. Integration of AI and Machine Learning in Drones


    J. Global Drone Industry – Analysis of Market Segments

    J.1. Fixed-wing Drones

    J.2. Rotary-wing Drones (Multirotor)

    J.3. Hybrid Drones

    J.4. Nano and Micro Drones

    J.5 Emergence of Counter Drones


    K. Global Drone Industry - Market Segmentation by End-user Industry

    K.1 Agriculture

    K.2 Defense

    K.3 Energy and Utilities

    K.4 Law Enforcement

    K.5 Logistics

    K.6 Media and Entertainment

    K.7 Mining

    K.8 Public Safety

    K.9 Real Estate and Construction

    K.10 Recreational

    K.11 Technical Services

    K.12 Telecommunication

    K.13 Transportation

    K.14 Others


    L. Global Drone Industry – Market Analysis by Geography

    L.1. North America

    L.1.1 United States of America

    L.1.2 Canada

    L.2. Europe

    L.2.1 United Kingdom

    L.2.2 France

    L.2.3 Germany

    L.2.4 Russia

    L.2.6 Rest of Europe

    L.3. Asia-Pacific

    L.3.1 China

    L.3.2 India

    L.3.3 Japan

    L.3.4 Australia

    L.3.5 South Korea

    L.3.6 Malaysia

    L.3.7 Others

    L.4. Latin America

    L.4.1 Brazil

    L.4.2 Argentina

    L.4.3 Mexico

    L.4.4 Rest of Latin America

    L.5. Middle East and Africa

    L.5.1 Saudi Arabia

    L.5.2 United Arab Emirates

    L.5.3 Israel

    L.5.4 South Africa

    L.5.5 Rest of Middle-East and Africa


    M. Global Drone Industry – Major Players

    M.1 ideaForge

    M.2 3D Robotics Inc.

    M.3 Aerialtronics

    M.4 AeroVironment Inc.

    M.5 Airobotics Ltd

    M.6 Alphabet Inc (Wing)

    M.7 Autel Robotics

    M.8 AutoCopter Corporation

    M.9 Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)

    M.10 Azur Drones SAS

    M.11 BAE Systems Plc

    M.12 Bharat Electronics Limited

    M.13 BirdsEyeView Aerobotics

    M.14 BlueBird Aero Systems Ltd

    M.15 DeDrone Holdings

    M.16 D-Fend Solutions

    M.17 DJI (SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.)

    M.18 Drone Delivery Canada

    M.19 Elbit Systems Ltd.

    M.20 FalconViz

    M.21 Flyability SA

    M.22 FT Sistemas SA

    M.23 General Dynamics Corporation

    M.24 GoPro, Inc.

    M.25 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

    M.26 Hubsan

    M.27 Hydra Technologies

    M.28 Integrated Aerial Systems

    M.29 Intel Corporation

    M.30 JETWIND

    M.31 Joby Aviation

    M.32 Kespry

    M.33 Lilium Air Mobility

    M.34 Lockheed Martin Corporation

    M.35 Matternet

    M.36 Microdrones GmbH

    M.37 MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co., Ltd. (MMC UAV)

    M.38 MTAR Technologies Limited

    M.39 Northrop Grumman Corporation

    M.40 Onyx Scan LiDAR

    M.41 Parrot SA

    M.42 Percepto

    M.43 PrecisionHawk

    M.44 Propeller Aero

    M.45 Safran S.A.

    M.46 Santos Lab

    M.47 Schiebel Corporation

    M.48 Terra Drone Corporation

    M.49 The Boeing Company

    M.50 UAS Europe AB

    M.51 Unmanned Systems AG

    M.52 UVify Inc. 

    M.53 Volansi

    M.54 Volocopter

    M.55 WeRobotics Inc.

    M.56 Wingtra

    M.57 XMobots

    M.58 Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

    M.59 Yuneec

    M.60 Zipline International


    N. Global Drone Industry – Market Forecast

    N.1 Market Outlook

    N.2 Future Market Trends

    N.3 Emerging Technologies


    O. Appendix

    O.1. Glossary of Terms

    O.2. List of Acronyms


    O. Research Methodology

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