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Executive Summary 

Since many years now, the United States has remained the biggest producer of petroleum and natural gas in the world. The country's production of hydrocarbons exceeds that of both Saudi Arabia and Russia. US' petroleum production has gone up by over 10 quadrillion Btu since 2008, with growth coming primarily from North Dakota and Texas.


The US contains only about 2.5% of the world's known natural gas reserves. Natural gas consumption has been growing rapidly, and this demand has pushed prices to very high levels. Nearly 20% of US electricity is generated at gas-burning plants, so the cost of natural gas has hurt electricity consumers in many parts of the nation.


At the same time, however, the US sits on immense quantities of coal, about 25% of the world's reserves. America's 1,300 coal-fired electric plants already create about one-half of the nation's electricity, and technologies that enable coal to be burned in a cleaner manner will be adopted across the nation. However, the price of coal has been soaring in the US, along with the cost of oil and gas. 


Aruvian Research presents Analyzing the Oil and Gas Industry in United States  – a complete research report on the Oil and Natural Gas Industry of the United States. The report researches the characteristics of the US oil and natural gas industry and the segments which, as a whole, make up this dynamic machinery of growth. The massive globalization and consolidation strides taken by the industry as explained in the report with the requirement of heavy capital investment that brings in more competition and the overall focus of the industry to meet the environmental challenge.

The industry’s dynamics like competition, infrastructure and the regulatory policies with the reporting requirements deployed on the industry are explained by the report. Aruvian focuses on the natural gas sector, the oil sector, the crude oil market, and the refined petroleum products sector in the United States.

The major industry contributors such as ExxonMobil Corporation, Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell and many more are focused on in Aruvian’s report. These players are analyzed through a corporate analysis, financial analysis and a SWOT analysis as well


A forecast of the US oil and gas industry till 2024 sums up Aruvian’s in-depth focus on the Oil and Natural Gas Industry in United States.

Analyzing Oil and Gas Industry In United States

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