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Executive Summary 


Google, an integral subsidiary under Alphabet Inc., stands as a technological powerhouse and an emblem of innovation in the digital age. As the world's leading search engine and a pioneer in online services, Google has redefined the landscape of information accessibility and digital solutions. From its inception, Google has epitomized visionary leadership and groundbreaking technologies, continually reshaping the way individuals interact with information.


Aruvian Research’s 'Analysis of Google' delves deep into the operational fabric of this tech giant. The report meticulously dissects Google's organizational architecture, exploring its diverse business segments, strategic initiatives, and global impact. It provides a comprehensive view of Google's operational intricacies, highlighting its robust divisions and innovative endeavors across various digital realms.


Moreover, the report offers a thorough financial analysis, encompassing a detailed evaluation of Google's financial performance, key ratios, and comprehensive financial statements. These analyses offer invaluable insights into Google's fiscal health and its competitive position within the ever-evolving tech industry.


Employing a strategic SWOT framework, Aruvian Research presents an insightful overview of Google’s core strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and prevailing threats in the dynamic tech market. Our goal is to provide a meticulously researched and professionally curated assessment of Google, offering valuable insights into its operational efficiency, financial standing, and strategic positioning within the tech sector.

Analysis of Google

  • A. Executive Summary


    B. Looking at the Industry

    B.1 Industry Definition

    B.4 Market Segmentation

    B.5 Competition in the Industry

    B.6 Industry Outlook


    C. Analysis of Google

    C.1 Company Profile

    C.2 History of the Company

    C.3 Organizational Divisions

    C.4 Profiling the Key Executives

    C.5 Products & Services


    D. Google: Business Analysis

    D.1 Business Segments

    D.2 Geographical Segments

    D.3 Company Subsidiaries


    E. Google: SWOT Framework Analysis

    E.1 Strengths to Build Upon

    E.2 Weaknesses to Overcome

    E.3 Opportunities to Exploit

    E.4 Threats to Overcome


    F. Google: Major Competitors

    F.1 Microsoft Corporation

    F.1.1 Corporate Profile

    F.1.2 Business Segment Analysis

    F.1.3 Financial Analysis

    F.1.4 SWOT Analysis


    F.2.1 Corporate Profile

    F.2.2 Business Segment Analysis

    F.2.3 Financial Analysis

    F.2.4 SWOT Analysis

    F.3 Yahoo! Inc.

    F.3.1 Corporate Profile

    F.3.2 Business Segment Analysis

    F.3.3 Financial Analysis

    F.3.4 SWOT Analysis


    G. Financial Analysis of Google

    G.1 Current Financials

    G.2 Balance Sheet

    G.3 Profit & Loss Statement

    G.4 Ratio Analysis

    G.4.1 Capital Market Ratios

    G.4.2 Annual Ratios

    G.4.3 Interim Ratios


    H. Google: Company Forecast

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